Botany Studies


Have you ever read over science material (that I am sure at one point we all learned) after being out of school for some time?   I recently have been reading up on Botany and here is what I found... 

"One of the most incredibly miraculous process on earth- is the process of photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the process that converts sunlight energy, water, and carbon dioxide into our primary source of fuel- glucose.  All animals and humans obtain their life-sustaining energy supply from plants, making photosynthesis to be (one of) the source(s) of all life.  Without plants there would be no life."

Is that not one of the most beautiful descriptions of life, in the purest form.  It makes me calm to know that plants are out their helping us sustain life and energy.  



Part of traveling that I enjoy so much is staying at different hotels.   I love the arrival process, dropping your car off, wheeling your luggage through reception, receiving your hotel key, and a having a drink at the lobby bar.  Ahhh it's all so exciting.  When we arrived at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam I was in awe.    

This place holds beauty that is gasp worthy, and the energy flow is like no other place I have ever stayed.  Might have to do with the fact that classical notes where created here when it use to be the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music.  Or the fact that traditional Dutch architecture means rooms are two levels with the bedroom in the loft.  I got some of the best sleep ever under those high peaked roofs...or I was jet legged.   

From the large Livingroom lounge, down through the hallway of boutique shops, I felt as if we were in in a labyrinth of old world charm, with modern style and quality.   Definitely a must stay... or stop by and have a drink, there is tons of art to check out in lobby.   

All Images taken by Hannah Klemm, hotel bedroom picture from here


Holiday Cards With Mint Studio

This year I wanted to do something fun for our holiday cards.  So we asked Nicky from Mint Design Studio (who was our wedding photographer) to come over to our house and take some pictures with our tree.   I love working with Nicky, she has a great eye and is laid back... which is good for me, because photos are not really my thing. 

Wanting to keep it simple, I moved our tree next to the white wall in the living room...added a few simple props I had around the house and just like that we had our little set.   I've grown fond of our unicorn pinata, she had to be part of our family picture.   Plus we don't have pets.   

Hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!!!  2014 is going to be great, I can feel it! 

Cards are from Minted, heavy stock and great envelope choices.  


Merry Chic

December's German Vogue, is stunning.  I have been in a love affair with the color green all year.  When I saw this, I swiped away all my other magazines (sorry loves) and strategically placed it on top of our coffee table publications.   

On a side note, have I mentioned that I am taking German lessons every Monday... let me tell you this language is far from easy, but It is exciting to learn something new and I hope to be bilingual one day.  *Let me emphasize the HOPE. 

Image taken by Hannah Klemm - Follow me on Instagram  



Simply enjoy and be Thankful for the little things...they really are the big things in life!   I love the time spent around the table sharing stories and laughs with family and friends.     

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   

Much love,

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New Place

Finally we are getting moved in... here is a sneak peak of our kitchen and spare room.  It's hard to find that perfect place for items when moving into a new space.   One thing that I am loving about this place is all the white walls and open shelving in the kitchen.   

We moved from a place that was a lot bigger, but the space was more open than useful.   What we have found is we tend to prefer a smaller place, with good storage, and functional living space.  Keeping it simple and minimal works best for us.  Helps keep the mind clear.  I'm just happy to have one shower/bathroom to clean, three was getting old.   

Loving the light the second room receives... it's going to be amazing for early morning painting.   More to come. 

All photos by Hannah Klemm


Green Tea Tuesday: Magazines and Tea

Image taken by H Klemm

I have an unhealthy obsession with Magazines... I would keep them all if they were not so heavy to move.  And let's face it they take up tons of space as well.   In our move I had to let go, part ways with all of those beautiful covers, and remind myself that this could be a beginning stage of hoarding, and simply toss them away.  BUT, when I pulled this beauty out of the box... I was so happy I kept it.   Doesn't Clemence Poesy look stunning on the cover of Jalouse?   

Ahhhh some are worth the risks of hoarding. 



Selfie- Instagram

I've been hiding out, not doing my hair and obviously from the lack of action on this blog not posting either.   The move is finally behind us... and it was a hellish one to say the least.  To keep it short we backed out of our place last minute and found a new place all in the same day.  At the time it seemed crazy, but sometimes you just got to go with your gut.      

Here are some images of our new place... can't wait to share more.    Once I get unpacked, I told Philipp I swear I will start doing my hair again, although I'm digging the hat.   I'm so street style (wannabe anyway). 


Calling In

I was just bragging the other day that I had not been sick in over 6 years.  Not a cold, nothing... what happens, BAM a week later I'm sick.  I have never called in from work and for the first time this past Monday, I DID IT.    How do people handle this?  I for one cannot, I'm a mover, I gots to go... being sick is not an option for a Montana weed like myself.  

I think the universe is telling me slowdown... those little things guess what THEY CAN WAIT...  and the biggest lesson of all stop taking your health for granted.  Guilty and lesson learned... now can I start feeling better. 

Now at this point I have spent almost 3 days on the couch.   Stalking my favorite blogs hoping they'll post more than usual, no luck.  Then with some much waited excited, I came across this post from Emily Henderson.  I have been hearing news of this collaboration between the Bash Please girls, Emily Henderson, and Molly Sims for AirBnB for some time.  I was so excited to see the finished product, that I actually started feeling better (at least in spirit).    

Isn't this space beautiful?  The sheets and the wallpaper were killer picks, can't wait to see what else these girls have in store.  

All Images from Emily Henderson's Blog , check out her blog for the other Airbnb pop up houses she designed. 



Philipp and I just found out we have to move.  Our landlord sold the place, and even though we didn’t love it enough to buy it, I am still a little sad.   Philipp proposed to me here.  Their were countless dance parties had... many of which were me dancing alone while Philipp DJ’d.  Something I’m not proud of was the many badly cooked meals...It was definitely the oven (must have been), which I will not miss.  

Needless to say, this space was our first place together and that alone made it very special.   I also think we both thought our next move was going to be a BIG one. Maybe a different city or buying a place of our own.  Timing is everything and I have no doubt that the next adventure is waiting for us in due time.  When the starts align just right.  

On the bright side, there are many good things about moving... a new space to decorate, getting rid of things (I LOVE cleaning stuff out), and most important there are new memories to be made.   1-2-3 now go start packing... we have until the end October to find something, let the madness begin.   

Kinfolk Image | Found via Parker Fitzgerald 



All of a sudden summer collapsed into fall...

Last fall... I had just dyed my hair dark, and was already on vacation for a week prior to arriving in Paris.   Everything felt alive, mostly myself... when looking up I knew in a few short weeks all those leaves would soon die and fall to the ground.   But it didn't matter that winter was coming and we were leaving... I was in love and in Paris.  

All photos taken by Philipp Klemm 


Urban Yoga Phoenix

Bikram, Flow, Ashtanga... there's so many different types of yoga and studios in this town one could easily try a new location every couple weeks.   Urban Yoga holds their space in the Market... with their floor to ceiling windows, mirrors on the other side, wood floors, brick, and the perfect amount of yoga decor I find it to be such a unique beautiful space.

Their boutique has a great eclectic mix of products.  The buddha necklaces are funky right?  They look super cute with your yoga get up.   Not that yoga is about buying things, but let's face it we're westernized yogis so it is kind of part of the lifestyle. 

I love the door handles on the main room... killer choice of detail when they designed the space. 

Make sure to check out Urban Yoga when you are scouting studios... they have a new special every month!   

All photos by Hannah Klemm 



Fall Equinox With Emerson Fry

The past Sunday was the fall equinox, which means we are officially in my favorite season.  Fall is the time of year when I really love being a woman, it inspires me to... 

    be serious,
    have deep conversations over a bottle of red wine,
    wear dark lipstick,
    read the newspaper with my morning tea, 
    and most importantly dress sophisticated. 

I have been reading and watching Emerson Fry this pre fall season and I have fallen in love with their recent manifesto on inspiration...   it makes me want to be that woman and therefore I want to buy their clothes.  

"typically we work in looks, and find that a lot of our buyers buy our pieces in looks. so thinking about what she needs from top to bottom to get out the door in the morning, to be prepared for her day and feel polished in a relatively easy, uncomplicated way. Our pieces are built to reinforce her natural, innate confidence - so they're not overly trend oriented and/or distracting from the woman wearing them. they're really made to be direct, confident pieces that last. as the years go by i'm getting to know her more and more and find that not only is our woman typically standing apart from the crowd in terms of buying things of quality, she's a leader in her sense of where she's going. she's got to get out the door and feel polished and prepared enough, she's got to love what she's wearing enough each morning to then forget about what she's wearing and live her life. she's got a full life, a lot of responsibilities, goals and desires, a lot of things to acquire and accomplish. this is the century of women, and this woman is profound. and she is not fucking around. so that’s what inspires me on a daily basis."

All Images from Emerson Fry


Green Tea Tuesday- Chlorophyll

I kid you not, I feel as if I can breath better, I have more air in yoga... if that even makes sense.  And going from the benefits, it does oxygenate your blood (so yes I think what I just wrote makes sense).  Or it's a matter of the mind...whatever it is I'm sticking to Chlorophyll.  

I use to add it to my morning juice, but I've grown to like the taste.   Now I add it to my water.   Pressed Juicery in LA sells it already bottled, however you can buy it at Whole Foods and add it to whatever you like.    

Chlorophyll comes with some benefits, wouldn't you say.... and it's good for a hangover. Check it out and let me know what you think.  

Image Source