Green Tea Tuesday- Chlorophyll

I kid you not, I feel as if I can breath better, I have more air in yoga... if that even makes sense.  And going from the benefits, it does oxygenate your blood (so yes I think what I just wrote makes sense).  Or it's a matter of the mind...whatever it is I'm sticking to Chlorophyll.  

I use to add it to my morning juice, but I've grown to like the taste.   Now I add it to my water.   Pressed Juicery in LA sells it already bottled, however you can buy it at Whole Foods and add it to whatever you like.    

Chlorophyll comes with some benefits, wouldn't you say.... and it's good for a hangover. Check it out and let me know what you think.  

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  1. That explains why I feel so good after eating my greens! I wonder how it tasted by itself