Healdsburg Wedding

When your best friend announces she is engaged, all you can think OH YES we get to plan another wedding!   It's like reliving yours but without the stress and other peoples opinions.  In this case it was super special because the bride asked me to design and style her wedding invites, menus, programs and floral table arrangements.   Which I was so excited to do!

Mollie had a good vision of exactly what she wanted, as she does in life, and getting married at Copain Winery in Healdsburg, there is already so much beauty to work with.   With all that in mind we wanted to keep it simple, with a vintage classic feel, and there's no better way to express that than doing letter pressed invites.  I love how letterpress holds weight and pure seriousness when it comes in the mail.

We hunted down vintage milk glass vases, added them with some clear glass, to create a mix-matched table scape.  It looked beautiful!

With weddings it is always about the little details that make it all come together.  Her sister-in-law painted the MR and MRS on the the back of the chairs and her mother-in-law sewed the table runners.   A lot of love and collaboration goes into making a wedding special.

The photos were taken by Matt Edge, who is an amazing photographer... he does film and digital.  Mollie just sent these over as a preview, but I can't wait to see all of them.   I will also be posting a few others from the weekend, and Incase you missed my hotel post on Healdsburg... check it out, the H2 Hotel was stunning. 

Congratulations Mollie and Brent, you both looked amazing, we are thankful and delighted to be part of your day that was filled with light and love.  Could still cry thinking of you guys saying your own vows.

For more photos of the wedding or to check out Matt Edge's work go here.

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  1. This looks like such an amazing wedding! Beautiful pictures