Philipp and I just found out we have to move.  Our landlord sold the place, and even though we didn’t love it enough to buy it, I am still a little sad.   Philipp proposed to me here.  Their were countless dance parties had... many of which were me dancing alone while Philipp DJ’d.  Something I’m not proud of was the many badly cooked meals...It was definitely the oven (must have been), which I will not miss.  

Needless to say, this space was our first place together and that alone made it very special.   I also think we both thought our next move was going to be a BIG one. Maybe a different city or buying a place of our own.  Timing is everything and I have no doubt that the next adventure is waiting for us in due time.  When the starts align just right.  

On the bright side, there are many good things about moving... a new space to decorate, getting rid of things (I LOVE cleaning stuff out), and most important there are new memories to be made.   1-2-3 now go start packing... we have until the end October to find something, let the madness begin.   

Kinfolk Image | Found via Parker Fitzgerald 


  1. I'm sure you guys are going to find an amazing new place! :)

  2. oh nao! At least you've found the silver lining, leave it to you to do so ;)