New Place

Finally we are getting moved in... here is a sneak peak of our kitchen and spare room.  It's hard to find that perfect place for items when moving into a new space.   One thing that I am loving about this place is all the white walls and open shelving in the kitchen.   

We moved from a place that was a lot bigger, but the space was more open than useful.   What we have found is we tend to prefer a smaller place, with good storage, and functional living space.  Keeping it simple and minimal works best for us.  Helps keep the mind clear.  I'm just happy to have one shower/bathroom to clean, three was getting old.   

Loving the light the second room receives... it's going to be amazing for early morning painting.   More to come. 

All photos by Hannah Klemm

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  1. I love the white walls and the nice wooden furniture in the kitchen