Part of traveling that I enjoy so much is staying at different hotels.   I love the arrival process, dropping your car off, wheeling your luggage through reception, receiving your hotel key, and a having a drink at the lobby bar.  Ahhh it's all so exciting.  When we arrived at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam I was in awe.    

This place holds beauty that is gasp worthy, and the energy flow is like no other place I have ever stayed.  Might have to do with the fact that classical notes where created here when it use to be the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music.  Or the fact that traditional Dutch architecture means rooms are two levels with the bedroom in the loft.  I got some of the best sleep ever under those high peaked roofs...or I was jet legged.   

From the large Livingroom lounge, down through the hallway of boutique shops, I felt as if we were in in a labyrinth of old world charm, with modern style and quality.   Definitely a must stay... or stop by and have a drink, there is tons of art to check out in lobby.   

All Images taken by Hannah Klemm, hotel bedroom picture from here


  1. It looks so beautiful! I love the living room area

    1. It is a beautiful place to stay. It was my first time in Amsterdam...but I'm definitely itching to go back.